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The SAT is not a test of intelligence. We tell all our students that a standardized test is a predictable test: the SAT requires students to express their knowledge in specific, well-defined ways. Every student can systemically address their weaknesses and continually progress towards their ideal score.

We always tutor with the assumption that the student’s ideal score is the perfect score. Our approach centers around imparting a genuine understanding of the test and placing an intense focus on the student’s mistakes. We can summarize this as a focus on knowledge and precision. I believe that…

  • Students need to understand what College Board expects of them. We always start with official test prep materials because a student needs to have a deep familiarity with all the specific concepts on the SAT and exactly how they show up on the test.
  • Even with sufficient knowledge, people make mistakes. A large part of test prep is about producing consistently accurate answers. Students need to become conscious of the errors they make and become vigilant about finding ways to correct them.
  • Errors are the only thing separating a student from their highest score. By digging into the cause of each error and suggesting how to prevent the error next time, the student creates an awareness of their problem areas and gradually finds ways to fix them.

We truly believe that students should have a stress-free test prep experience and maintain full confidence that they will reach their goals. Start the process today!


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